If you are considering a career as an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona, you might be interested in a variety of opportunities. Phoenix is a large metro area located in the southwest and the state’s capital. Also known as the “Valley of the Sun,” the city offers a variety of entertainment, cultural, and sporting opportunities. Attorneys in Phoenix often work with clients to explain the legal process and the possible outcome of various cases. They develop relationships with their clients and work to earn their trust.

Job requirements

Attorney jobs in Phoenix require applicants to have a law degree, an active Arizona driver’s license, and a license to practice law. The job also requires that applicants be members of the State Bar of Arizona and pass the Arizona bar examination. Although this is a general list, there are additional requirements to meet. For example, attorneys must be able to pass a background check and drug test before being hired. While performing these tasks may not be exhaustive, they do reflect the most important requirements for employment.

As an associate attorney, you must possess strong academic credentials and excellent writing, communication, and analytic skills. You must also be able to provide excellent references and hold Arizona Bar admission. The job will also require you to review diligence documentation related to real estate. You will be working closely with a team of real estate attorneys and will need to be knowledgeable about the Arizona legal system, as well as about the state’s laws and procedures.

Attorneys must have experience in litigation, especially with child support cases. This includes drafting and reviewing legal documents, attending court hearings, and performing legal research. They must also have an Arizona driver’s license. Depending on the nature of their case, some attorneys also represent clients in a variety of other legal settings, including bankruptcy and criminal law. In addition to these duties, an attorney in Phoenix must also possess knowledge of American Jurisprudence and a valid driver’s license.

Job description

Attorney jobs in Phoenix can vary greatly. Some of these positions may have different titles, while others are more similar. For example, a city attorney in Phoenix may process public records requests and provide legal advice to county officials. Ultimately, they may represent the interests of the city in the state appeals court. In either case, you’ll find a variety of challenging and rewarding duties. Listed below are some of the most common attorney jobs in Phoenix.

As a city attorney, you’ll defend the rights of the people you serve. You’ll provide legal representation and counsel to state agencies, analyze complex legal issues, draft and present legal documents, and appear at administrative hearings. As a child support attorney, you’ll need to have some legal knowledge, as well as a valid driver’s license. You can work in this fast-paced, high-paying field in Phoenix.

A law firm in Phoenix is seeking an experienced litigation paralegal to support its team. This Phoenix, Arizona paralegal job requires extensive foreclosure experience. You will be on-site for the entirety of the contract and will be tasked with scheduling meetings, filing documents, and working closely with attorneys and clients. The job requires extensive legal writing and research, as well as excellent communication and organizational skills. Attorney jobs in Phoenix may not be right for everyone, but these opportunities can be ideal for you if you have the necessary experience and credentials.


If you’re a lawyer in Phoenix, you’ve probably wondered about the salary for an attorney job in this city. In Arizona, attorneys and similar professionals can earn much more than their counterparts in other cities. These salaries are based on the type of work you do and the state you live in. Read on to learn more about the salary for attorney jobs in Phoenix. And be sure to check out the job description to find out if this position is right for you!

Entry Level Lawyer jobs in Phoenix, AZ pay slightly more than the average. Entry-level positions in Health CARE Attorney, Contracts Attorney, and Attorney Partner earn between $96,835 and $150,868 a year, which is between 217.0% and 338.1% higher than the average Entry-Level Lawyer salary in Phoenix. Moreover, jobs in the middle 57% of the attorneys make $101,523 and $153,038 respectively, while those in the top 86% of the attorneys earn up to $258,990.

An exceptional law firm is hiring a litigation paralegal with foreclosure experience for its Phoenix office. This Phoenix Paralegal position is a short-term contract with 100 percent on-site time and requires excellent communication and writing skills. The duties of the legal secretary include scheduling, calendaring, filing, and preparing legal documents. This job is ideal for someone with a law degree, at least a JD, but who doesn’t want to work for a big law firm?

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