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Different situations and accidents may result in personal injury cases. Some cases involve unique situations, whereas others are commonplace. However, most of them, in general, fall in the personal injury category that attorneys handle.

As a citizen, it is important to better understand the most common forms of personal injury cases and how you may get compensation in case you get injured because of another person’s misconduct. So some of the personal injury cases a good Utah injury attorney can handle include:

1. Car Accident

Among the most common forms of injury cases in the US has to do with car accidents. Every year, thousands of people get injured in accidents involving car collisions. And sadly, most of them get killed.

If a passenger, possession, or another driver is negligent to the point that it results in car accidents, you will be entitled to compensation to cover your losses and injuries.

2. Slip and Fall

These claims are common forms of personal injury cases. Every property owner is legally responsible for keeping their properties free of hazards and reasonably safe to ensure people on those premises are not injured.

Of course, not every injury happening on properties can result in liability. The nature of the landowner’s legal duties is based on the situation and as per the applicable laws.

3. Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other medical experts take an oath to cause no harm. However, at times, they fall short of their duty. Certain data shows that there are more than 56,000 cases involving medical malpractice.

Injuries resulting from medical malpractices are life-altering, and the victims need to be reimbursed for their financial, emotional, and physical hardships. Among the common forms of medical malpractice are:

  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Childbirth injuries

4. Product Liability

These cases arise from individuals getting injured by defective and dangerous products, which may include prescription drugs, automobile parts, as well as household goods.

A good example of product liability includes kids being cut by their toys with a sharp edge. These cases can sometimes turn into class action claims when the same products harm many individuals.

5. Wrongful Death

As the name implies, wrongful death describes a kind of case that can be brought upon when someone is killed because of another person’s negligence.

Many wrongful death cases arise from truck and car crashes or negligent nurses. It can also arise from airplane accidents, construction accidents, and the use of dangerous or defective products.

6. Workers’ Compensation

When employees get injured while in the line of duty, they will be entitled to workers’ compensation. Basically, this system is held by workers to cover medical expenses, not to mention disability benefits and lost wages.

These claims may need a lot of negotiations with insurance firms that will pay out the compensation amount on behalf of employers.

The Bottom Line!

There are a lot of scenarios that may lead to personal injury cases. But the processes involved with personal injury cases are difficult and complex to navigate. That is why you must reach out to the most experienced personal injury lawyer to take you through your case.

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