If you’ve been charged with a violation of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Code (TLC), you’ve likely been wondering if you should hire a tax lawyer. Here are a few tips to help you decide. If you’re involved in a TLC violation, contact a lawyer who specializes in the type of offense you’re facing. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a tax lawyer and how to get started with your case.

Peter Wang is a TLC lawyer

Peter Wang is a litigation lawyer and managing partner of Foley & Lardner LLP’s New York office. He previously served on the firm’s national management committee. He has extensive litigation experience and is a member of Foley’s Business Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice, Construction Practice, and Insurance & Reinsurance Industry Team. Before joining Foley, Peter worked for two large wirehouses and the Enforcement Department of the New York Stock Exchange, handling securities arbitrations.

In addition to his extensive litigation experience, Mr. Wang also has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants. In his role as an outside general counsel to his company clients, he advises them on various issues relating to leasing and tenant representation. This includes representation in holdover proceedings and the formation of joint ventures. His work with clients extends to corporate governance matters, including drafting commercial contracts. He is also available to provide representation to individual clients in complex legal documents.

He represents taxi, black car, and limousine drivers

The death of taxi driver Jerry Schifter on Monday has become a rallying cry for black cars, yellow cabs, and livery drivers. Several drivers have called for government regulation to improve wages and decrease competition. The cab industry is already feeling the effect, with several drivers having committed suicide in the last three years. Schifter’s death has led to many calls for action, including vigils. He wrote columns for Black Car News, which will dedicate its March issue to his memory.

He represents victims of TLC violations

Steve Vaccaro is an attorney in New York City who defends cyclists and other individuals who have been charged with TLC violations. TLC violations are a common occurrence in NYC and are often the result of failure to follow the law. He has filed more than 300 complaints with the agency in the past year but has never had a case dismissed because the TLC deemed it an unloading violation.

Taxi and limousine drivers are required to follow stricter laws in NYC. The penalties for violations of these rules can be severe, ranging from fines to license suspensions. Defending against these charges is an important step toward protecting your license. An experienced attorney can help you protect your driving privileges and avoid being suspended or barred from operating a taxi in New York. If you have been arrested for a TLC violation, contact a TLC lawyer in New York now for a free consultation.

The TLC has not permanently revoked any TLC license for violating Cooper’s Law, but the agency has taken action against 12 drivers since the law took effect. This is not unusual, as Cooper’s Law requires TLC to take action against cab drivers who have hit or run a pedestrian – unless the injury caused by the collision was life-threatening. This means that most TLC-licensed drivers have been involved in more than 40,000 collisions in the past year.

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