Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit Resolutions – Why FDA Refused To Throw Out Case Against Zoloft Weight Loss Drug

This article discusses Zoloft birth defects lawsuit settlements and other possible compensation cases involving this drug. It details the different Zoloft birth defects lawsuit settlements that have been settled as well as the reasons behind those settlements. It also provides an in-depth look at the possible benefits and risks related to taking the drug during your pregnancy.

If you are planning to get pregnant, you should consider the risks and benefits involved with it. You should also ensure that you get adequate information regarding safety practices while pregnant to avoid exposure to harmful drugs during labor.

Zoloft Birth Defects Lawsuit Settlements

In connection with Zoloft weight loss drug, one case was settled as part of a lawsuit where the plaintiff won judgment against her former doctor who was responsible for prescribing the drug. The court found out that the doctor had improperly prescribed the drug and his patient suffered from severe Zoloft withdrawal symptoms.

After the verdict was delivered, the plaintiff made an application to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA found out that there were two patents related to the subject drug which held validity and the company had to remove the term ‘unapproved’ from its name. The FDA also stated that it is now free to sell the medicine with or without a prescription.

One of the reasons why Zoloft weight loss drug has been popular amongst pregnant women is that it can produce serious birth defect which might lead to developmental or physical disabilities in the child.

One case in point is the Reddit birth defect lawsuit settlement. This case was facilitated by a Reddit user who discovered that the manufacturer of the drug had not conducted any research on the side effects that the drug may cause to a fetus when consumed by pregnant mothers.

The Reddit user had purchased one of these drugs from a local drug store without any knowledge of its adverse effects. The plaintiff then filed a lawsuit against the defendant stating that the drug caused her severe health problems. She was able to get compensatory and punitive damages on her account.

However, the FDA has asked the court to dismiss the case citing a lack of knowledge on the part of the plaintiff.

According to the FDA, the plaintiff failed to provide sufficient proof that the effect of consuming the said drug to her caused her harm or damage. The court however has refused to dismiss the case citing the lack of evidence that the effects of Zoloft weight loss drug to the fetus are caused by consuming the drug. It has cited a case in which an individual was able to demonstrate that the effects of Zoloft to her daughter were harmful. The court has therefore affirmed that the effects of consuming the drug can be detrimental to the fetus.

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