A Class Action Lawsuit Against Zocor Commences

If you are in the market for Simvastatin and have been contemplating whether or not to purchase it, you should review your ZOCOR class action lawsuit and all the information that you can find. In the United States, the FDA has approved Simvastatin as a dietary supplement and has authorized it for sale. In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has authorized the use of Simvastatin in the treatment of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. As a result of this authorization, many people are now taking advantage of Simvastatin and enjoying its healthy benefits.

ZOCOR class action lawsuit participants have experienced immediate positive results when they have used Simvastatin.

For example, there is evidence that demonstrates that the body’s immune system is able to repair damaged muscle cells after the use of Simvastatin. In addition, the increased level of oxygen in the body increases blood flow throughout the body, allowing damaged muscle fibers to repair themselves more quickly. In short, there are many positive advantages to using Simvastatin and if you are a ZOCOR class action participant, you should review these facts as well.

There are three primary groups of people who might be able to benefit from Simvastatin and one of those groups is the ZOCOR class action lawsuit participants.

First, there are those individuals who have suffered kidney damage and, as a result of this damage, cannot function normally in their daily lives. Simvastatin can actually help to alleviate the negative side effects of kidney damage and some of the symptoms include severe pain and fatigue. In addition, ZOCOR participants who have experienced rhabdomyolysis, which is muscle cramps, will also benefit from Simvastatin as rhabdomyolysis typically indicates muscle damage. Finally, those who suffer from high blood pressure can also benefit from Simvastatin because high blood pressure typically results in pain, fatigue and other negative side effects.

As previously mentioned, Simvastatin is primarily intended for patients who are not enrolled in the ZOCOR class action lawsuit program.

This includes individuals who have enrolled but who are not experiencing any of the aforementioned negative side effects. However, Simvastatin is actually approved by the FDA, and the manufacturer is required to include the Merck drug information on the container that states that Simvastatin is “a safe and potential treatment for acute muscle pain and muscle weakness due to rhabdomyolysis.” Simvastatin is also approved by the FDA specifically for the treatment of muscle cramps and the management of chronic low back pain, but the manufacturer is not required to include this information on the label.

The FDA does require that manufacturers include the proper warnings on the product label regarding the potential for a user to experience adverse side effects and to become ill from using the product.

However, this is not always the case. In fact, some companies such as Zocor recognize the need to make Simvastatin available in a more reasonably priced alternative to prescription strength weight loss supplements that can easily contain ingredients that can cause dangerous side effects. Because of this, Zocor has authorized distribution rights to market Simvastatin under the brand name “Simvastatin”.

While Simvastatin is an effective supplement for patients who have experienced the benefits of rhabdomyolysis muscle injury, it is important to note that it should never be used by anyone without first consulting a physician.

It should also be used in the proper manner outlined in the Zocor class action lawsuit’s program literature. If you or a loved one has experienced the symptoms described above and believe that you may be suffering from a kidney failure, please contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced with filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals harmed due to dietary supplements. While Simvastatin may have been manufactured safely, it may be risky for anyone weighing its possible side effects.

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