There was a recent case of a fraud known as the westgate planet Hollywood lawsuit. This crime happened when one of the cons got hold of information from an investor and planned on robbing a resort that the investors were investing in called the Westgate Resorts. This crime is linked to the garrett gunderson lawsuit that took place. The victim in that case was taken for his money and never returned.

Westgate Planet Hollywood Lawsuit

This lawsuit was filed by a man named David Siegel, who is the head of security at Westgate Resorts. The complaint alleged that siegel did not inform investors of a burglary in progress because he didn’t want them to worry that their money might be stolen. The complaint also stated that the crime was a criminal case, which meant that it should go to the prosecution since it involved more than just one crime.

This is similar to the second class action lawsuit that I published about Westgate.

The main difference is that instead of an individual getting their money back after a crime occurs, this case is different because instead of a bank being involved, it is a huge casino and resort company.

This is why it is important to keep in mind that you can only lodge one Westgate lawsuit and you cannot file multiple complaints against the company. Also keep in mind that your complaints must be lodged six days before the proposed dates of each party’s trial.

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