The Carb Lawsuit is a new product that is designed to help truckers make more money by helping them win their “day in court” if they are in a large commercial fleet. The United States Department of Justice estimates that there are currently between fifteen and twenty-three billion dollars of lost income from American truckers alone because of injuries that take place while at work. This number is steadily growing, which is leading to increased loss cases for truckers and their companies.

How many of you have had an accident while driving a large commercial fleet?

If not, are you aware of the growing number of commercial vehicles on the road? Would you like to know why your insurance rates are not keeping pace with the ever increasing number of vehicle collisions and injuries? This is precisely why thousands of commercial drivers have chosen to use Carb Lawsuit to ensure that they receive the compensation that they deserve for their injuries sustained while operating their vehicle.

Why are some fleets choosing to sue in order to make up for the safety defects that have been allowed by the large truck manufacturers?

There are several reasons, but perhaps the most common reason is because it is simply too much money to be taking on the risk of a lawsuit that is not likely to bring any results. Small fleet owners simply cannot afford to hire an attorney on a contingency basis, so they turn to the government for assistance. Even though the government will contribute part of the winning fees, the expense of hiring such an attorney can quickly run into the thousands, and it may take years before the courts have the time to hear and decide the case. Even if the lawyers are successful, the outcome of such a case will still not benefit the large fleets that put their faith in the US Department of Justice.

This is where Carb Lawsuit comes in.

Unlike other similar lawsuits, Carb Lawsuit has a much lower cost of filing, and because it is based on safety rather than a cash payout, it is less likely to end in a settlement that hurts the small fleet owners. There is also a much lower chance of success, and even if the lawsuit does go to trial, the small trucks owner stands a good chance of being able to get his damages based on negligence, or breach of warranty. All of this results in a great deal of freedom for small truck owners, who no longer have to worry about the safety and profits of their companies resting on the shoulders of large truck manufacturers.

So why has Carb Lawsuit become such a hit with small companies?

The answer is simple: the potential financial benefits of winning. While the cost of filing the lawsuit itself can be very expensive for many companies, they often only employ a few legal counsels due to the overall size of their businesses. By contrast, the potential payouts from a jury verdict are much higher, since attorneys are likely to receive a percentage of the jury verdict. This means that winning a suit against a major truck manufacturer can result in millions of dollars in payouts to small business owners.

However, the Carb Lawsuit program is not for every truck driver and other small business owners.

Before any person may file a claim against a major carrier under the policy, they must first take a seminar in which they learn how to better understand the process of filing a lawsuit, as well as the particular details of each of the major carriers involved. After taking this class, fleet owners must then determine which carrier they feel will best benefit them and their company. If a driver feels that his accident was caused by a manufacturer’s fault, he should contact the particular carrier he believes to be at fault and begin the process of filing the suit.

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