Quest bar fiber lawsuit has been a part of the WoW questing experience since its inception and it’s still one of the most popular ways to level up your character. It allows you to buy certain items right when you land on them, be it herbs, ore or mounts.

That’s what makes it so good and convenient, because it removes a lot of hassle from the questing process. Unfortunately, this feature is also one of the reasons that makes people dislike it so much.

Quest Bar Fiber Lawsuit

There are two major problems with quest bar fiber lawsuit, the first being the fact that they only work for certain zones. What this means is that if you do not have the correct faction standing to purchase from, then the bar will be worthless to you. The other problem is that this method of earning gold does not work with characters with sufficient levels to be able to use it anyway.

What makes things even worse is that the in-game Auction House still regards it as an auction, which means that anyone can buy it, regardless of their standing in the server. This opens the way for all sorts of people to make gold using the Auction House without having to work for it, something that pretty much goes against everything World of Warcraft stands for.

Despite being one of the most popular ways of advancing your character, the quest bar is still a bit of an annoyance.

Its functionality has not changed much in the past years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s no longer annoying. One way to fix this is to use one of the many different WoW fiber lawsuit guide/ Tutorials out there that teach you how to remove the annoying quest bar and put in the ones that do more good.

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