A Plaque Cure Class Action Lawsuit

There is a new class action lawsuit which has been filed against the makers of Plaquenil. This is a result of information that has recently come to light about the drug, and the negative side effects that it can have on an individual’s health. Plaquenil was marketed as an oral antibiotic, but it contained a substance called chloroquine. This ingredient is well known for causing renal failure in many people, particularly those who have a pre-existing condition or who have had kidney problems in the past.

Plaquenil Class Action Lawsuit

This has led to questions amongst the general public as to whether or not this substance is appropriate for use as a topical antibiotic. The Class Action lawsuit against Plaquenil claims that the negative side effects that are caused by chloroquine are the direct cause of numerous illnesses and diseases, including but not limited to encephalopathy, dementia, liver damage, memory loss, and even death. These illnesses and conditions, according to the plaintiffs, have caused a great deal of suffering and disability. As a direct result of the harm that these drugs have caused, a number of individuals who may have suffered from other illnesses which could have been prevented, have been unable to resume their daily lives.

A number of lawsuits have also been filed against the drug manufacturers, on behalf of those who suffered from the negative side effects of Plaquenil.

One such case involves a Class Action lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of a man who suffered from acute toxicity due to the consumption of Plaquenil. The man’s symptoms were mild at first, but then his body began to adapt to the drug, and began to weaken. When he went into hospital for treatment, it was determined that he was suffering from the toxic effects of Plaquenil. He was later diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, as a direct result of his exposure to the drug.

Another case involved a woman who was working at a factory which manufactured chloroquine sulfate when she was exposed to the drug.

She developed severe headaches, severe vomiting, and severe stomach pain. After suffering for some time, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. As a direct result of this treatment, her prognosis was not good, and she now faces both organ and tissue transplant surgery, as well as a shortened lifespan due to her cancer.

There are many more cases of individuals being affected by the effects of these defective drugs.

Some of these include an elderly man who developed kidney failure after taking Plaquenil. Another individual suffered brain damage as a result of taking chloroquine sulfate. A number of children have also fallen victim to these defective drugs. These drugs are used in a variety of medical situations and can have very harmful side effects, but the link between these drugs and cancer is not widely known. Thus far, the link between the two has only been made in extremely rare circumstances.

Plaquenil is an antipsychotic, which is used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

The drug was approved by the FDA in 1981. It was soon discovered that Plaquenil had many potential side effects and was banned in some countries, including the United Kingdom. However, it was allowed to be sold in the United States, where it was soon used to treat a wide range of different medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction and fatigue. At the present time, there are claims in the United Kingdom and throughout the world concerning the potentially dangerous effects of Plaquenil.

Currently, there are studies being conducted to determine whether or not chloroquine may cause the development of tumors in the test animals.

There are also studies being conducted regarding the effects of retinal damage in various animals, and whether or not plasmodium infection may lead to blindness. As with all pharmaceuticals, there are some potential risks associated with this chemical. However, as the scientific and healthcare communities work towards determining whether or not plaquenil causes cancer or other serious health problems, more research must be conducted to determine whether or not the long term use of this drug would be hazardous to human beings. It is possible that further studies will prove that the short-term uses of plaquenil in treating a wide range of medical conditions are safe.

Currently, there have been no conclusions regarding whether or not plaquenil causes cancer.

All things considered, it is likely that it does, however this has not been proven definitively. It has also not been determined if the development of retinal damage, related symptoms, or other potential complications will affect anyone after prolonged use of the drug. Risks do exist, but these should only be considered if you have taken into account the risks associated with taking any prescription medication. As with all prescription medications, individuals taking these drugs should always consult their healthcare provider regarding any possible interactions and allergies that they may have. A plaquenil class action lawsuit is a possible scenario that you may wish to discuss with your doctor.

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14 thoughts on “Plaquenil Class Action Lawsuit”
  1. My wife has severe eye loss due to Plaquenil as per her eye doctor. What steps can we take to engage in a lawsuit.

  2. Ive taken plaquenil since 1999. 200*daily. I was DX with kidney failure in 2002. I have irreversible tinnitus and eye damage. Ironically developed severe migraines in 2000 and never put any of these together. Only told to just get my retina exam yearly. No other warning.

  3. I have congestive heart failure and renal problems from plaqunil and I only took it for 5 months I need a lawyer

    1. I took Plaquenil for many years, because of Undifferentiated Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. Now I am 61 and was told that I can’t drive due to damage to my eye. Plaquenil damaged my eye.

  4. I took it for six years. My immune system is completely demolished. I have Sinusitis, severe migraine, adrenal gland dysfunction and get sick about 1-2 a month.

    1. I took plaquenil for 7 years for lupus I got my eyes tested once a year they were fine the 8th year I went blind, due to toxic poisoning, I need a lawyer to file a class action law suit the doctor got sued I have no idea for what they don’t tell you that I need to file a class action lawsuit.

  5. I was diagnosed Lupus in February 2020. I was given Plaquenil in February 2020.
    In March 2022 I was diagnosed with CHF due to side-effects from the medication. I underwent open heart surgery on September 13, 2022.
    Look a doctor/lawyer to help me. Thank you

  6. After taking plaquenil, I had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized for depression and anxiety. While I was taking the drug my husband kept telling me it was making me “crazy and changing my personality. I didn’t listen until I ended up committed in the hospital.

  7. I have loss a severe amount of eye sight since medication prescribed by RA doc it been 10 years and my eyesight getting worse.

  8. My wife has severe and proven permanent vision and possible kidney damage due to Plaquenil Toxicity after taking the medication for over 10 years. Can you handle a case in Arizona?

  9. I took Plaquenil for 10 years. I have retinal toxicity, have had a heart attack and diagnosed with cancer. I have searched for an attorney to no avail. (The statute is only valid for 3 years in WI.) My vision is like seeing through a key hole. I deserve to be compensated as well as my husband who has to drive and rely on him to take me any where! I’m 64 years old, have worked my entire life, and now that I’m retired, I have no independence!! HELP!!

  10. Steven Johnson Syndrome
    Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
    Exfoliative Dermatitis
    No cure.
    They can’t decide, one says one and the other says the other!
    Worst medical team on the planet!
    Cooked from the inside out from Plaquenil.
    Be sure you Check your doctors work!! Check every medication for drug interactions BEFORE you take it!!
    Methotrexate & Prolia scary stuff.

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