There are many places to get a good slice of pizza, and one of them is Pizza Hut on Lawyers Rd in Los Angeles, CA. This chain is known for serving made-to-order pizzas. This location is 9229 Lawyers Rd Unit H, and it offers several delivery options. The age group that this location caters to is generally between 25 and 40, but the menu is not limited to that age range.

9229 Lawyers Rd Unit H

The Pizza Hut Mint Hill – 9229 Lawyers Rd Unit H is a branch of a pizza chain. The company operates over 7027 restaurants in the United States. There is 1 Pizza Hut branch in Mint Hill. Find out more about Pizza Hut Mint Hill. This location offers both dine-in and take-out options. The company uses cookies to provide services and analyze traffic. You can change your privacy settings to prevent your information from being collected.

Products offered

While there’s no guarantee that all of these allegations are true, many people are suing Pizza Hut for unfair and deceptive business practices. The company filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that it had no duty to its customers and that the lawsuit could not proceed. However, the judge disagreed and ruled in the customer’s favor. Here’s what you should know about Pizza Hut’s legal defenses.

Delivery options

A Florida class-action lawsuit filed against Pizza Hut challenges the company’s practice of charging a delivery fee. Lauren Minniti is disputing that Pizza Hut is entitled to charge sales tax and that her delivery fee is unreasonable. Although 20 cents of sales tax on a pizza does not usually warrant legal action, it was enough for Lauren to hire a lawyer to challenge her situation. She filed the lawsuit in Broward County, Florida.

The lawsuit alleges that Pizza Hut does not pay delivery drivers the same amount of money as it pays servers. For instance, a typical tip for a server is 15 percent; while a delivery driver receives only ten percent. This five percent difference adds up to a lot of money, and it makes the delivery driver’s pay far below minimum wage. Other claims allege that Pizza Hut underpays delivery drivers, including using other means to undermine compensation.

The age group of customers

If you’re looking for a job at Pizza Hut, there are many opportunities available. As a global leader in the restaurant industry, Pizza Hut invests in the success of its team members. Whether you want to work with people who share a passion for food, or if you’re interested in working in a fun, fast-paced environment, Pizza Hut is the perfect place to start.

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