The Class Action Lawsuit against Ford Explorer caused quite a stir amongst citizens of the US, when it was first announced. This particular case revolves around the recall of millions of Ford Explorer vehicles, due to serious safety defects.

These cars had some serious problems with the Ford remote key that could cause them to stop working and ultimately result in a fatal accident. However, instead of issuing a recall and pulling the plug on Ford Explorers, the company has chosen to put off the recall. So, what is all the fuss about?

Lawsuit against Ford Explorer

Basically, when cars like the Ford Explorer are recalled, the car manufacturing company issues a formal announcement saying that they are recalling the car and will be putting all of its parts back for a new batch. Ford did not say that it was going to issue an official recall, so you can expect that the cars that already had mechanical problems were simply pulled over by law enforcement and taken for further inspection.

What happens next is that the car company or its agents go to a local car dealership and sell the cars for their scrap value. Some dealers may even offer to finance payments for those who are in dire need of cars, but this is done on a ‘first come-first served’ basis and is often only applicable to those people who show proof of financial need.

Since most Ford Explorers that have been traded in have been paid off, therefore, those needing a new Explorer can find themselves in quite a pickle if they can’t find a car to buy on their own.

This is why a class action lawsuit has been filed against Ford Explorer for what is being deemed as a dangerous vehicle.

Even though there is no proof that the Ford car was unsafe when it was produced or sold, it was found that it was involved in a number of accidents and other actions that brought about an array of injuries and deaths.

Therefore, those who were victims of these Ford Explorer accidents have been able to seek damages from the manufacturer and the car dealer for negligence. Hopefully, this will bring an end to the Ford Explorer Class Action Lawsuit. Who knows, you could be a winner.

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