You can find a lawyer to handle any type of tort claim by looking up a database. Tort attorneys may work in big law firms, specialize in torts, or work on a solo practice. They may have specialties in specific areas of law, such as negligence, intentional torts, or multidistrict litigation. To find a lawyer who practices torts in your area, search online or in your local phone book.

Intentional torts

Intentional torts are types of civil wrongs. When someone intentionally causes another person or thing to do harm, they are committing a tort. Intentional torts are more serious than most people realize. The victim can sue for more than just monetary damage if he or she is negligent. However, there are many other categories of intentional torts as well. Read on to find out what each of them means and how you can sue someone who did it to you.


When searching for a negligence attorney near me, make sure you have intelligent expectations. You should know what type of negligence case you’re filing, whether you can obtain a reasonable settlement, and whether the law firm is experienced in your particular type of case. You should also know whether the lawyer has a proven track record for winning negligence claims. In some cases, you can obtain punitive damages. These are less common but may still be available in certain cases.

Multidistrict litigation

If you’re wondering if there are multidistrict litigation and tort lawyers near me, read on to learn more. This type of lawsuit involves many people in the same situation. The process is called “class action,” and the plaintiffs all have similar injuries. They join together to file a lawsuit and share the settlement award. Generally, these types of cases settle quickly. However, in some cases, these claims may not settle for a long time. If this happens, you should hire an experienced multidistrict litigation and tort lawyers near me.

Nominal damages

Nominal damages are small monetary amounts awarded when the plaintiff was legally in the right but suffered no substantial losses. These damages are typically only enough to cover the plaintiff’s legal costs, such as filing fees and expert witness fees. Generally, they are awarded in one of two situations: when the plaintiff was simply looking for compensation but failed to present evidence to show that he or she was harmed or had an injury.

Benefits of joining a mass tort lawsuit

Joining a mass tort lawsuit is beneficial for people who have suffered a similar loss or injury and are seeking compensation for it. By pooling similar cases, mass tort actions can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for each plaintiff. Also, mass torts are typically funded through a contingency fee arrangement, so plaintiffs do not have to pay their legal representatives until the case is resolved. In addition, mass torts may help enhance access to justice, because attorneys can share evidence with other plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Attorneys in the Special Litigation Unit

Attorneys in the Special Litigation Unit work on a variety of cases. These cases typically involve constitutional law and governmental authority. Tor lawyers in this unit work with clients to seek redress in criminal justice systems that are flawed by systematic inequities. Cases handled by the Unit include In re Rountree, which established the right of an individual to have a judge review an arrest within 24 hours, and Davis v. City of New York, which challenged unconstitutional police practices in public housing.

Toxic tort lawyers in New York

Toxic tort law involves the claim that someone has been exposed to a substance that has caused a significant health problem. It can come from a variety of sources, including industrial chemicals, pesticides, and certain molds. Exposure to these substances can cause a variety of symptoms, ranging from eye irritation to damage to the nervous, immune, and hormonal systems. Ultimately, this exposure can cause life-threatening diseases, including cancer. Toxic tort lawyers in New York can help you pursue compensation from the responsible parties.

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