The new Metformin lawsuit has been launched by the plaintiffs’ lawyers in the United States. This new medication that is supposed to enhance the body’s health has not been very effective thus a lot of people are losing their lives because of it. The victims of the side effects of Metformin are mostly senior citizens. It is a known fact that Metformin has caused several heart attacks among senior citizens.

Metformin Lawsuit

So, the victims have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Metformin. This Metformin lawsuit is just another lawsuit that was filed with other people who have met with an accident caused by the Metformin. The victims have stated in their statements that they have suffered from renal failure due to the Metformin. They have also claimed that the Metformin has caused them to lose their senses on the day that they took it. The people, who are in their late sixties and seventies, have testified that they took Metformin for almost 20 years. In all these years, none of the people has succeeded in losing their sight.

Many of the people who have suffered from the side effects of Metformin have already filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Metformin.

Several cases have also been filed against the various medical centres and clinics that conducted clinical trials of Metformin. A few of these cases have been also won by the victims. There are several other cases that are still pending in the courts. These will just be worth much more money in the future.

The legal case in the United States has therefore thrown light on the improper conduct by the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies before introducing Metformin.

The people have also filed lawsuits against the various manufacturing companies that produced and marketed Metformin. All these cases have resulted in damages being awarded to the victims. One of the most important legal documents in the case is the consent decree. This document clearly states that the pharmaceutical companies cannot use any harmful medicines in the future.

The legal battle has been playing out since nineteen eighties.

Before the present lawsuit, there were only very limited cases of such nature. This is because of the government’s strict regulations. This meant that only the needy people were able to get hold of Metformin. Also, the companies had to develop and produce effective strategies so that they could protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits.

The United States government was very keen on preventing the development and use of any pharmaceuticals that may lead to adverse side-effects in the future.

As a result of these moves, pharmaceutical companies had to be extremely careful before introducing any new medication. Therefore, it is not surprising that even Metformin, which is relatively harmless, became a major cause of concern among the scientists and the medical experts. The fact that only a few people have suffered from its side-effects does not necessarily mean that it is safe. Thus, the lawsuit is an effort by the people to make sure that no one else falls prey to this medication.

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