A FedEx Ground Service lawsuit occurs when a customer has suffered an accident that was the fault of FedEx. An airline or cargo shipping company should always try to give their customer as much compensation as possible so that they can avoid additional injuries or even loss of life.

In this case, the airline had sent a FedEx driver to pickup the customer’s luggage at LAX airport but the luggage wasn’t there and the customer called the airline to report the problem and they said that it would be taken care of. The customer however, never made it to the luggage claim area and the trucker that picked up his luggage at LAX didn’t return it at all.

FedEx Ground lawsuit settlement

FedEx then filed a suit against the customer for breach of contract and negligent supervision. They claimed that the client owed them money because he wasn’t at fault and didn’t provide any documentation that would prove that he was on the airplane that day. They also said that the client had a right to compensation for the delay in receiving his luggage. So, the company sued in a Los Angeles Federal Court. This suit sought compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorneys’ fees.

A jury eventually ruled in favor of FedEx and the company was able to collect over seven million dollars in its legal fees and medical expenses.

After winning this case, FedEx realized that it had a lot of trouble dealing with accidents at airports. Many people that have accidents at LAX airport have no insurance or very little insurance and just want the best results possible in the court. For this reason, they need to hire a lawyer to win their lawsuit. If you are an injured traveler that wants to take advantage of this type of situation, then you should contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

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