When you are looking for a divorce lawyer in South Bend, Indiana, you have a few options. The list below includes Gregory K. Blanford, Lee Groves & Zalas, Braje, Nelson & Janes, and Halpin Slagh PC. All of them are highly rated, but which one is best for your situation? You can also search the LII Lawyer Directory, which contains profiles of more than one million lawyers throughout the United States. You can update the full profile of any attorney for free.

Lee Groves & Zalas

Lee Groves & Zalas, a law firm in South Bend, IN, houses a team of divorce attorneys. These attorneys focus on resolving all types of family law disputes, including divorce, child custody, and property division. They also represent clients in cases concerning criminal defense, estate planning, and traffic law. They also provide a full range of other legal services, including estate planning and business law.

Their divorce and family law practice includes a highly experienced attorney, Mario J. Zappia. This South Bend divorce attorney specializes in family law matters as well as estate planning and LGBTQ issues. Mario is a member of the Indiana State Bar Association and is a registered domestic relations mediator. In addition to divorce and family law, Mario handles a wide range of other legal matters, including guardianship and adoption.

Gregory K. Blanford

If you’re looking for a South Bend divorce lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Gregory K. Blanford has been practicing law since 1986. He specializes in family law and offers legal advice for a smooth divorce process. He is also a family law mediator and has experience negotiating issues without trial. Listed below are some of the things he can do to help you.

Braje, Nelson & Janes

If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you should consult with a skilled attorney. While filing for divorce may be the first step, there are a lot of questions to consider, such as dividing property and child custody. A skilled South Bend divorce attorney can help you navigate the process and provide guidance. If you are not sure where to begin, read on to learn more about the process.

Halpin Slagh PC

Halpin Slagh PC, a divorce lawyer, in South Bend, Indiana, is a private practice dedicated to helping clients through the process of a divorce. The firm focuses on resolving family law matters such as divorce, custody, and child support, and offers legal services in other areas of the law as well, including estate planning and business law. The firm also represents clients in cases involving business law, municipal law, and personal injury.

Ms. DeRose

Aladean M. DeRose is a South Bend family law attorney with more than 40 years of experience. She prides herself on her attention and ability to listen to her clients. Although she practices general law, her areas of focus include family and divorce law. She is also a certified civil law mediator and has served as a guardian ad lite in many cases.

She grew up in South Bend, IN, and worked in the law office of her father. She has three adult children and is very well known for her delicious banana bread. In college, Greta played tennis for Notre Dame, but nowadays, she prefers yoga and biking. Her extracurricular activities include cooking and spending time with her children. If she has time, she loves to spend it with her family.

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