Imagine undergoing a knee replacement surgery, hoping for a pain-free future, only to be met with persistent discomfort and even more limitations. This was the unfortunate reality for many patients who received the DePuy Attune knee implant, a device now embroiled in a complex legal battle.

The Attune, launched in 2012, promised a sleek, modern design for total knee replacement. But soon, reports emerged of problems like:

Loosening: The implant’s tibial component (the part attached to the shin bone) allegedly detached from the bone, causing instability and pain.
Debonding: The glue used to secure the implant could fail, leading to similar issues.
Revision surgery: Many patients faced the need for additional surgery to remove and replace the faulty Attune.

These complications sparked a wave of lawsuits against DePuy, a subsidiary of medical giant Johnson & Johnson. Plaintiffs allege the company:

Knew about the Attune’s risks: Studies and internal documents reportedly raised concerns about the implant’s design and performance before its release.
Downplayed the dangers: DePuy allegedly failed to adequately inform doctors and patients about the potential problems with the Attune.
Put profits before patients: The lawsuits claim DePuy prioritized financial gain over patient safety.

The legal battle is ongoing, with thousands of lawsuits filed and hundreds of trials completed. DePuy maintains the Attune is a safe and effective device, but settlements and jury verdicts have awarded millions of dollars to patients harmed by the implant.

The DePuy Attune lawsuit is more than just a legal saga; it’s a stark reminder of the importance of patient safety and informed consent in medical care. It raises questions about the regulation of medical devices and the responsibility of manufacturers to prioritize patient well-being.


Who is eligible to file a DePuy Attune lawsuit?

Anyone who received an Attune implant and experienced complications, such as loosening, debonding, or the need for revision surgery, may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

What are the potential damages in a DePuy Attune lawsuit?

Plaintiffs may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the faulty implant.

Is there a deadline to file a DePuy Attune lawsuit?

The deadline to file a lawsuit varies depending on the state where the surgery took place. It’s crucial to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to determine your rights and options.

What is the current status of the DePuy Attune lawsuit?

The legal battle is ongoing, with ongoing settlements and trials.

Are there other knee implant lawsuits besides DePuy Attune?

Yes, lawsuits have been filed against other manufacturers of knee implants, including Stryker and Zimmer Biomet.

What can I do if I think I may be affected by a DePuy Attune implant?

If you have concerns about your Attune implant, talk to your doctor immediately. You may also want to consider contacting an attorney specializing in medical device lawsuits.


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Remember, this information is not intended as legal advice. If you have questions about the DePuy Attune lawsuit, please consult with an experienced attorney.

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