When I was a law student, one of the things that I remember most about is the University of Tennessee’s College Network Class Action Lawsuit, which was filed against the University of Tennessee for discriminating against African Americans in their hiring practices. I remember that it was a very interesting case because there were many different elements that could be brought into play, and it would take an attorney with a great deal of experience in these types of cases to win this case. In fact, the odds were so stacked against the plaintiff that it seemed as if it was going to be almost impossible for them to prevail.

College Network Class Action Lawsuit

What actually happened was that the plaintiffs won their lawsuit after the University of Tennessee backtracked somewhat on their initial actions, which was very unfortunate, because once they backtracked they had essentially given up on their right to sue for disparate treatment. But what really made this case unique was the way in which the University of Tennessee was able to use its diversity policy as a tool to avoid having to deal with this lawsuit in the future.

Basically, the way that the policy was worded and the evidence they had collected was designed to avoid having to actually have to go into court and sue for discrimination. So in essence, the policy was not only a legal victory for the plaintiffs, but also a moneymaking win for the University of Tennessee–because they got paid even after denying their claims in the past.

Now then, since that time the Department of Education has revised their diversity policies to prevent any future universities from adopting such blatantly discriminatory policies.

However, there is still a chance that a college network class action lawsuit against another university will still be filed, because there are so many elements of the current policy that does not make any sense to me. For example, the “diversity scholarship eligibility standards” that are being mentioned in the current lawsuit may only apply to students who are coming from ethnic minority groups within the United States, or who have won awards within those groups for some sort of excellence or diversity. That’s pretty small criteria compared to the long list of people who get that scholarship.

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7 thoughts on “College Network Class Action Lawsuit”
  1. The College Network said I could receive my tuition money back due to their accreditation issues. Many years later I have yet to see a dime of the 16000 dollars I paid them.

    1. I as well was never notified about TCN lawsuit. I spent 10k and nothing in return, I signed uo for the LVN to BSN and CA stopped accepting the program, I was told to pick other courses, non-pertaining to what I was told by the REP. Has anyone herd how to be added to the lawsuit?
      Linda Cortez

  2. I just received a letter of payment for college network from southeast financial I understand that they are out of business and went bankrupt I have not taken a class so I’m trying to find out about getting a refund.

  3. I never received any information about the TCN lawsuit or anything of them doing wrong. Like Jihyon Crane am I at a loss as well?

    1. Ditto. Never heard that they were out of business, nor anything about a lawsuit. Bet the lawfeatureowners got away with millions including mine.

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