Class Action Lawsuit Against Dell – Is There Such a Thing?

We have been covering the Class Action lawsuit against Dell for a while now. Dell has been getting a lot of bad press recently because of the exploding personal computer market. One of their many problems has been with the quality of their hardware and laptops. While they have been making great efforts to improve their reputation lately, they still haven’t been able to overcome the bad public image that has been associated with them. The Class Action lawsuit against Dell is designed to force them to change their ways and improve their image. If you are interested in filing a similar suit then this information will be essential to you.

Dell is a company that is one of the largest corporations in the world. Their main product line is of course the laptops.

These laptops have become very popular and have always had a high demand for them. As such, it is not uncommon for there to be problems associated with these laptops. This is where a Class Action lawsuit can come in.

The Class Action lawsuit involves a group of individuals that have bought Dell computers that were defective and then had to send the laptop back to the manufacturer.

After sending back the defective laptop the warranty was voided. From this point on the owner of the laptop was required to purchase a new laptop. This is the crux of the story. They purchased the defective computer intending to use it with a warranty; however, upon their return of the defective laptop they discovered that the warranty had been voided and they were required to purchase a new laptop.

They also spent thousands of dollars to repair the laptop. It’s important to note that Dell was not the only manufacturer to have such a problem.

In fact it is quite common to encounter this scenario. Some other manufacturers have also faced such circumstances. There was a case brought against Microsoft, whereby the plaintiff was a consumer who purchased a computer with Microsoft software but discovered that the software came pre-installed with software that was harmful to his computer. This was a major case and Microsoft paid out a large sum of compensation to the plaintiff.

In a case that I recently had an attorney representing an individual bring to light the fact that Dell had bundled a webcam with many of their computers.

This was done in order to sell these computers at more expensive prices. From this point on anyone that purchases a Dell laptop will be required to purchase a bundled webcam. The courts have held that it is within the interests of the defendant to require purchasers to buy this camera with the laptop in order to protect themselves from product liability claims. It would seem to me that this is a minor point and yet it has cost consumers thousands of dollars.

So if you are a Dell customer looking for a class action protection, you need to contact an attorney that specializes in Dell related cases.

I am aware that Dell has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over this issue but I am not aware of any other case law regarding this. As a class action plaintiff you have the right to bring a class action lawsuit against Dell in a court of law. If you choose to do so, you may be entitled to a share of the money that the class action is seeking.

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