The Behr DeckOver class-action lawsuit alleges that the deck coating does not protect surfaces and deteriorates quickly. The lawsuit states that the product does not adhere to the surface and fails to last as promised. In addition, it damages property. Plaintiffs are claiming that Behr violated various state consumer protection laws, including the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and California’s False Advertising Law.

The company behind the DeckOver product is being sued for causing damage to property owners.

Its products fail to protect the surface and adhere properly, leading to damage to the property. While the class members may not have suffered any property damage, they could still collect compensation. A Behr representative is scheduled to meet with the class members on October 24 to discuss settlement options. The case is expected to take a few months to conclude, so if you’re interested in filing a lawsuit, you should act now.

The Behr DeckOver lawsuit is an ongoing class action against the manufacturer of the product. According to the lawsuit, the Behr deck over product failed to protect surfaces and adhere to them. This caused damage to the property and prompted consumers to file a lawsuit. While Behr may have received a settlement, they have yet to begin receiving checks. As a result, you should take action as soon as possible to receive your money. If you have not already done so, join the Top Class Actions newsletter today.

Behr is facing a class-action lawsuit over DeckOver.

This lawsuit alleges that Behr has manufactured a defective product that does not protect surfaces from deterioration and does not adhere to them. As a result, it damages property. The company’s product fails to protect the surface from damage. This is a class-action lawsuit, which means that you can win money from the manufacturer.

The Behr DeckOver lawsuit is a class action involving a Behr deck over. The lawsuit has been pending since December 2012 and has been approved by the federal court. However, the class has not yet received its final approval. The settlement is a result of the Behr deck over’s failure to adhere to surfaces. Therefore, the company will be required to provide compensation to its customers. And this can make the Behr DeckOver class action a complex process.

The lawsuit claims that DeckOver is a class-action product.

The company is responsible for the quality of its product, but the company needs to pay out to settle the lawsuit. Its product may have caused the damage and has been made worse by Behr’s failure to adhere to the surface. A class-action suit has the potential to lead to billions of dollars. The attorneys for the plaintiffs are currently reviewing the case to determine whether the Behr deck over the company should pay out compensation.

Whether or not this lawsuit will succeed is unknown. The Behr deck over product was made by a third-party company. The manufacturer must pay for all expenses related to the product. If the lawsuit is successful, the Behr process will be responsible for paying all the costs associated with the litigation. The company must also pay the attorney’s fees. The compensation awarded to the plaintiffs in the DeckOver class action will be based on the amount of DeckOver that they purchased in the class period.

The Behr DeckOver class-action lawsuit alleges that the company’s products, known as DeckOver, do not adhere to surfaces and do not protect them.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the company did not notify homeowners of the settlement before it was approved. The lawsuit has been settled for $3,060. The class-action claim against Behr was filed on December 19, 2018. The court ordered the defendant to pay the damages to the victims.

The company is currently being sued for the Behr DeckOver class-action lawsuit. The Behr DeckOver lawsuit claims that the company has failed to adequately protect surfaces and the product has failed to adhere to these surfaces. In turn, the product has led to property damage. This lawsuit is intended to help homeowners recover damages for any property damage. The company is currently responding to the lawsuit. It is looking for an opportunity to settle with the plaintiffs.

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