Cellucor is a cosmetic company that is a part of the Neoprene International group. The Cellucor Group is headed by John Cellucor and has various subsidiary companies including Cellucor Free, Cellucor Advantage, and Cellucor Original. There are many legal issues arising from the production of these products and as a result of which they have to hire Cellucor lawyers to represent their interests. The Cellucor lawsuit is one of the major cases being litigated in the United States. The Cellucor lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs who claimed that the products they used had dangerous effects on their skin and that they had been injured due to these products.

Cellucor Lawsuit

Cellucor lawyers have maintained that they had conducted thorough research and presented evidence to the FDA that the ingredients in their products did not cause any health hazards. The Cellucor lawyers also pointed out that they had signed an agreement with the FDA which bound them not to use words like “fragrance” or “toxic”. They also pointed out that they had obtained signed consent forms from the patients stating that they had received these products for free of charge. These forms also confirmed that they were not experiencing any harm as a result of using the products. The FDA, in order to file a proper case against the Cellucor, had to prove that the manufacturers and suppliers had not provided evidence to support the claims that their products were safe.

The FDA’s lawyers had failed to do so.

This is the reason why the FDA is looking into charging the Cellucor with fraud and violation of the Imposition Laws of the Federal Trade Commission. The case, according to the FDA, has become very complicated and it requires a high level of expertise to look into and prove each of the thousands of claims brought by the Cellucor lawyers. The lawyers have always maintained that they had conducted all the required studies and presented all the proof to the FDA.

According to reports, the FDA has started an investigation to find out if the Cellucor case is fraudulent or not.

As of now, there is no concrete evidence or claim that can confirm that the Cellucor case is fraud or not. However, the lawyers are confident of winning the case at a later date. If you too want to know whether your cellular case is legitimate or not, then it would be better to hire a personal injury lawyer who is well versed with this area of expertise. There are many personal injury lawyers who are experts in personal injury cases. Therefore, it would be easier to find out whether your cellular case is a genuine case or not.

Personal injury lawyers usually ask their client to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

This way, they can easily keep all the details of the discussions with the FDA out of sight. However, sometimes these agreements fail to protect their clients and they end up getting cheated by their fraudulent companies. Sometimes, the cellular company even contacts their clients and threaten them with all kinds of legal action if they do not agree to share all the details of the NDA with them. It is therefore, essential for their clients to hire top lawyers who know all the tricks of the trade.

Most of the time, lawyers are paid on an hourly basis while some receive a percentage of the settlement amount as their compensation.

Therefore, the lawyer who has won a large Cellucor lawsuit could easily convince the judge to award him a high percentage of the settlement money. This would further increase his personal earning potential. If you too want to win a lawsuit and get maximum compensation for the injury suffered, then it would be better to hire top experienced lawyers to win your lawsuit.

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