After the Republican Mesa County District Attorney’s report, conspiracy theorists erupted. The report was critical of the District Attorney’s performance, pointing to possible outside interference. But, the real story isn’t that simple. The election audit was flawed due to human error. There was also a grand jury investigation. How do all these stories tie together? Here’s a closer look at the issue.

Dan Rubenstein

The 21st Judicial District Attorney, Daniel Rubenstein, has just won the election for Mesa County District Attorney. After serving as Deputy District Attorney for two and a half years, Rubinstein left the Mesa County DA’s office to practice law. He began in private practice, practicing Estate Planning and business law. In 2012, he was appointed to the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office, taking over the crimes against children unit. He was elected to his position in 2016. He will serve as District Attorney until his term expires in 2020.

The former Mesa County District Attorney, Richard Tuttle, was a principal shareholder of TER from 2002 to 2004. When Tuttle and Eret left the district attorney’s office, Rubenstein became the principal shareholder of TER and returned to the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office. He was not assigned to prosecute Lincoln’s pending cases. Instead, he serves as the Mesa County District Attorney’s Chief Deputy.

Election audit

When news of an investigation into election fraud broke in Mesa County, Colorado, county commissioners immediately called for an investigation into Wendy Peters, the county’s clerk-recorder. Her office has been the subject of intense scrutiny since a security breach exposed sensitive election processes last fall. Peters faces three felony counts of attempt to influence a public servant, four felony counts of impersonation and identity theft, and two misdemeanor counts of official misconduct and violating state requirements.

While Rubinstein’s office concluded that human error was the root cause of anomalies, election officials disagreed, claiming that the findings were caused by voter fraud. Despite the findings of the audit, Mesa County commissioners are sticking by their decision to reject Peters’ appointment as election supervisor. They will instead turn to former Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams to oversee the elections. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Human error caused anomalies in audit

The 21st Judicial District Attorney, Dan Rubinstein, presented his findings in a letter of facts and conclusions of law regarding “Report 3,” a report that raised questions about whether human error was at play. On March 23, he delivered his letter, but at the same time, the grand jury was still investigating the district attorney’s office, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, and deputy clerk John LaBrie. The grand jury has since indicted them.

Despite being a prosecutor, Griswold has yet to offer a substantiative response to the allegations. He has issued inaccurate talking points through his surrogates. He has not called for an independent investigation of the voting systems and has instead attacked the two election clerks, Peters and Schroeder, who have been accused of improper conduct. But the scandal has only added to the political turmoil in Mesa County.

Grand jury investigation

Colorado Republican Party leaders say a grand jury investigation into a county clerk’s criminal record is an unnecessary distraction from her campaign. The grand jury was selected from the same group of citizens who elected her, and months before the alleged events. Peters and her campaign have been under investigation since August of last year. Peters has denied posting her voting system hard drive on social media. Meanwhile, she filed papers to run for secretary of state in November.

While the case is not closed yet, it is clear that Peters is under criminal investigation and may face charges. Peters’ actions may lead to criminal charges, as will those of his deputy and campaign manager, Belinda Knisley. However, if Peters is found guilty, Rubinstein and Weiser could file charges against the two women, and even other people involved in the case. However, grand juries are a fundamental part of the justice system, and the presence of a grand jury ensures that evidence and testimony are treated fairly and impartially.


The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office continues to win awards for its work in the state. The team that prosecuted the Blagg and Holzer cases was honored with the Prosecutor of the Year Award from the Mesa County Department of Human Services. This award is given to Mesa County Deputy District Attorney George Holley for successfully prosecuting Mesa County’s first known welfare fraud jury trial. District Attorney Furphy credits Holley’s hard work to the collaboration between him and the Mesa County Department of Human Services.

Since her appointment as the Mesa County District Attorney, Stephanie McLaughlin has served on a variety of boards in her community. She served as board secretary, and vice president. She has spoken at numerous public events throughout the state, including Senior Law Day and the Mediation of Domestic Cases for Colorado Courts. Stephanie McLaughlin and her husband live in Mesa County. She enjoys running and hiking.

Contact information

You can contact the Mesa County District Attorney by using the following information. This office is located at North Spruce Street in Grand Junction, CO. View the location on a map. You can find other district attorneys within a 35-mile radius of Mesa County. There are 10 external resources to help you get in touch with the Mesa County District Attorney. These include phone numbers, websites, and a map.

The Mesa County District Attorney is located in Grand Junction, CO, and is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases. The district attorney plays a key role in criminal cases and collaborates with police officials to decide if charges should be filed. They also handle court proceedings and maintain court records. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, contact the Mesa County District Attorney for further information. They will help you with any legal matters that you may be facing.

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